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----- The new Armory is now Open!! -----
Date: November 11, 2016 | Applies To: Kalughle, Mneysome, Chazz, Phoenix

Rules for Building in the Armory:
1. Eye of the Beholder: I'm looking for each of these areas to be unique, as we are each so different is what we design. With the exception of the rules below, feel free to get creative. I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with.
2. Beauty is Only Skin Deep: You may "re-skin" 1 layer deep of Stone. All other material must be kept "as-is" for circuit integrity. Exceptions can be made easially, but Kalughle must be consulted first.
3. Let There Be Light: You must provide enough illumination in your area to prevent monster spawning at all times. This reduces the likelyhood of untimely death for your teammates.
4. The Pitfalls of Teamwork: You may not use lethal/damaging materials in your build. (No Lava, Cacti, Arrow Traps, Etc...) Again, for purposes of preventing untimely death.
5. A Place to Call Home: This is intended as a "Tooling Up" area for everyone. There should be appropriate storage for that purpose. But also a bed, and anything else you may need to Adventure.

----- New Teleport System Added!! -----
Stay tuned... we'll be back with more later!